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Keeping your property safe and secure in Charlotte, NC is vital no matter what kind of property it is – residential, commercial, educational, or otherwise. Solid video surveillance systems are the key to loss prevention, risk management, and overall security and that's why we take pride in designing security solutions to fit your needs no matter what type of solution you require. We offer surveillance solutions in Charlotte, NC for a wide range of industries, ensuring that you are able to keep your company and those around it safe – not to mention your assets.

Retail Security Solutions

Retail establishments depend upon the right kind of security solutions in order to keep their profit margin in the black and protect their employees and customers. Reducing theft, increasing security, and helping your retail business grow are all benefits of utilizing our video surveillance systems.

Financial Services Surveillance Solutions

Financial institutions have an obvious need for solid, dependable, and effective security solutions. We can provide a full range of surveillance solutions for financial service entities including credit unions, banks, and more.

Healthcare Security Solutions

For decades, video surveillance has helped deter theft, protect assets, and help increase the safety and security of patients and employees within the healthcare industry. We can help give you the system that best fits your needs.

Education Security Solutions

Providing the right security solutions to public and private educational institutions is something we are very proud of, and our systems increase the safety of teachers, students, faculty, and guests.

Government Security Solutions

Local, state, and federal government offices have come to depend on video surveillance to help prevent theft and raise the level of safety for staff and personnel. By using the latest technologies, our systems help keep these facilities safe and secure.

Transportation Security Solutions

Surveillance systems are becoming increasingly important in the transportation world, and our tools and technologies can help you get the most from what it can offer. No matter your specific needs or what they entail, we have a system that can help.

Corporate Security Solutions

Major corporations can face more unique needs and challenges in the security and surveillance field, and whether you have multiple campuses or a single building, we can provide the right security solution for your needs.

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