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Charlotte, NC Corporate Solutions

From small, single-building offices to major campuses to large networks with multiple locations, corporate businesses in Charlotte, NC need a lot of things to succeed in today's challenging climate. One that is important is the use of solid video surveillance systems, and the installation of a modern system will allow you to increase your bottom line and reduce risks in a variety of different areas.

TCSS systems are custom designed to address the specific surveillance needs of your company, and we look at your needs and goals in order to help you select the right system and features.

Benefits Of Our Systems

By installing our high-tech surveillance systems you provide your company with a wide range of benefits including:

  • Reduced theft
  • Better loss prevention
  • Improved protection against liability and fraud
  • Reduced vandalism
  • Improved compliance
  • Increased ability to identify areas for improved growth and strategies
  • And more

Simply put, while today's surveillance systems are important for reducing risk and improving safety, they can also offer numerous benefits to your company's bottom line. This helps make them indispensable for any company serious about its future.

Tips To Get The Most From Your System

Larger businesses are even more vulnerable to issues like theft, insurance liability, and reduced productivity. While the simple installation of a quality surveillance system can help with these issues, there are several things that can help you get more from the system and improve your business.

  • Install The Best System
    Today's systems offer high-resolution video cameras, DVR or NVR, real time alerts, remote monitoring, and more. These systems allow you to access better features and functionality than those of the past, and it's important to install a high quality system.
  • Consider Hidden Cameras
    While obvious cameras can serve as a deterrent, hidden cameras can blend into the environment and provide additional security where you need it.
  • Understand Your Needs
    Knowing exactly what your organization needs is important as well. Today's systems have a wide range of features and functions that can better serve your corporation. Starting by understanding what you need is the key to choosing the right solutions for those needs.
  • Use IP Based Access Control
    By preventing unauthorized access you will be able to improve your overall level of security and add easier, more convenient management capabilities.
  • Choose The Right Camera
    Different locations require different cameras in order to get the best results. For example, dome cameras with wider dynamic ranges are best for interior spaces while building perimeters are better protected by rugged, megapixel bullet cameras.
  • Run Frequent Tests
    It's important to ensure that your systems are always working to their best. This means running regular tests to make certain it is always working at its best.
  • Integrate With Video
    Today's modern systems make it possible to integrate your video with data from a POS or EAC system. This allows you to get enhanced business intelligence that can directly empower your security.

The right corporate surveillance solution can have a tremendous impact on your company's safety, security, and its bottom line. Our team can help identify exactly what it is that you need and then help design the system that provides you with the best overall results. It's an investment that will help your company in more ways than you might realize.

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