Charlotte, NC Security Services

Whether you are designing a new video surveillance solution, or enhancing your existing platform in Charlotte, NC, we are here to help. Our trained Charlotte technicians are experienced in providing comprehensive services for virtually any application - from site survey & needs assessment, to post-installation maintenance and support.

System Design and Engineering Support

A successful system starts with a site survey in Charlotte, NC and thorough needs assessment. Then we will customize a solution tailored for you.

Installation and Project Management

We'll oversee your installation from start to finish, managing every aspect of the job in Charlotte, NC.

System Configuration and Remote Management

We'll help you get the most from your system by setting up an optimized configuration for your organization, building user privileges, and providing you with system health monitoring capabilities.

On-Site Service and Support

FOnce your installation is complete, we're here to help - from technical support to ongoing maintenance of your system.

On-Site Training

We will empower YOU with the tools and knowledge to manage and fully leverage your system now, and as you grow in Charlotte, NC.

Data Integration Expertise

DIGIOP solutions also allow you to seamlessly integrate your high definition video with data from YOUR data devices.

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