Build Your Bottom Line with Hidden Cameras

In recent years, the National Retail Federation has reported that losses due to theft soared to more than $34.5 billion, which was attributed to theft by employees, customers and vendors. There was also a dramatic increase in the use of CCTV over the same period of this increase in theft. Unfortunately, this demonstrates that smarter thieves see traditional surveillance as a meager hurdle to great gains.

Our solution? Augment traditional CCTV with covert video equipment. Covert surveillance gives YOU the advantage over those crooks, and the power to finally put a stop to your losses. Here are five vulnerable areas in your business that make ideal locations for covert video equipment:

1. The Cash Register

Transactions around the cash register often entail a lot of fast action. Seasoned shoplifters will look for the more busy registers, hoping the cashier doesn't recognize the items stuffed underneath the cart or heavy dog food bag, items stuffed into other items, and mislabeled items.

What's more, employees operating the till commonly pocket some extra spending cash, and will even coordinate efforts with friends posing as customers so items purchased can be undercharged or not charged at all. We always recommend coupling your hidden camera with a cash register overlay, that instantly ties in cash register data with the video and provides an easy way to pinpoint suspicious activity.

2. Back Door and Dumpster

Back doors and dumpsters are favorite places for thieving employees. It's easy for employees to camouflage valuable merchandise with trash leaving the building, even when prevention measures are employed. A covert camera disguised as a utility enclosure or loudspeaker blend in perfectly in these areas.

3. Storage and Layaway Areas

Stockrooms are typically lacking supervision, and traditional surveillance cameras can be easy to avoid or disable. Store owners commonly uncover proof that this area is vulnerable, finding discarded packaging and RFID tags long after the crime was committed.

While dishonest employees find comfort in these backrooms, these areas also are the easiest places to conceal covert cameras. Ultra-pinhole cameras, for example, can be easily placed inside a cardboard box, needing less than a 1/16" hole for surveillance of a room and crystal clear video.

4. Vending Machines

Vending machine losses over the course of a year can be huge - but occur a little at a time. Furthermore, it is often these employees who are taking advantage of your other vulnerable areas.

Covert video systems using recorders with both time/date search capabilities and large memory sizes will compile days, weeks and months activity together, expediting investigations and ensuring seamless and confident dismissal and prosecution.

5. Self Serve Areas

Seasonal garden centers or other outdoor merchandise displays are favorite areas for both dishonest employees and shoplifters. Covert cameras placed near the most valuable items can provide close up shots at strategic angles for clear identification - a shortcoming of traditional overhead cameras.

Covert disguises that work well in self-serve areas are faux rocks, plants and safety cones.

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