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Designed with an architecture that is both scalable and easy to manage, DIGIOP products can meet any challenge - from a single location installation to an enterprise-wide network - while offering tremendous value and an easy-to-use platform that reduces total cost of ownership.

DIGIOP Elements (IP1-N1)

DIGIOP Elements

Seamless integration of your video and data intelligence

DIGIOP ELEMENTS™ is a groundbreaking Video-Enhanced Intelligence Platform that provides a single, user-friendly interface to the critical video and data intelligence you rely on to effectively manage your business.

The DIGIOP ELEMENTS™ software suite extends the value of surveillance video beyond the traditional benefits of loss prevention and risk management, by combining raw video with information from back-office systems and video analytics.

The result is an integrated dashboard that provides your functional leaders (management, operations, merchandising, marketing, and IT) with an accurate real-time and recorded view of the performance of the business.


DIGIOP ELEMENTS™ features four powerful software components: DIGIOP™ Connect, DIGIOP™ Control, DIGIOP™ Core, and DIGIOP™ Data. Together, these elements provide the foundation for a revolutionary tool to manage your business intelligence.

DIGIOP™ Connect

DIGIOP™ Connect is a unified dashboard that displays both video and data intelligence on a single interface, enabling remote management of both single-site and multi-site systems.

DIGIOP™ Connect features powerful search tools such as Thumbnail Search, Timeline Search, Replay Search, Digital Zoom, and Tours, allowing you to quickly locate, save and export your critical video and data intelligence.

DIGIOP™ Control

DIGIOP™ Control is a web-based administration portal that enables you to configure your systems and manage permissions from anywhere you have Internet access.

DIGIOP™ Control allows you to easily manage your video, data, and user information across your single- or multi-site system. Controls include: add and configure cameras, set user rights, establish global and local level permissions for systems, cameras, and data streams.


DIGIOP™ Core is an extensible video recording platform that provides real-time recording of analog and IP cameras.

The DIGIOP™ Core software can be configured to display live video as it's recorded, or to run in the background and archive video data for display using DIGIOP™ Connect.


DIGIOP™ Data is our data management software that integrates external data with video recorded by DIGIOP™ Core, resulting in synchronous information streams to be displayed using DIGIOP™ Connect.

From retail-focused applications like Point-of-Sale (POS) systems to Time & Attendance systems at schools or even Electronic Access Control systems at healthcare facilities, DIGIOP™ Data creates the link between the video and data that brings real power to the cameras in a facility.


Recommended system specifications for running DIGIOP ELEMENTS:

OS Windows 7 Home Premium (or better)
CPU 2.8GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo (E7400)
RAM 2GB (4GB Preferred)
Video Card 256MB
HDD 250GB, 7200RPM

NOTE: DIGIOP ELEMENTS is capable of operating on systems with lower specifications, but this is highly dependent upon number of cameras, camera resolution, and recorded frame rates. Please contact your DIGIOP sales representative to determine the minimum specifications required to manage your video-enhanced surveillance solution.


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